Publication Scheme

Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) has a responsibility to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Our policy is to give residents of Milton Keynes access to information held by Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) relating to its vision, how it operates and interacts with Milton Keynes City Council.

Under the Act MKDP has a statutory responsibility to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme that sets out:

  • The groups or classes of information held by MKDP
  • How the information is, or will be published
  • Whether there is a charge for this information and how much that charge will be

A model scheme has been provided by the Information Commissioner, the person responsible for regulating the FOI, which has been adopted by the Council from 1st January 2009 and subsequently MKDP from 1st July 2013.

The Scheme is intended to ensure that information is easily available with the need to make specific requests. It is not a list of documents/publications rather than a description of the classes or type of information that we publish.

Most of the classes are available on our website:

  • Constitution and democracy – Who we are and how we work
  • Finance & Audit – What we spend and how we spend it
  • Priorities & Performance – What we do and how well we do it
  • Decision Making – How we make decisions
  • Strategies, Policies & Procedures – How we plan and deliver our objectives
  • Lists and registers – Information held relating to our function as an organisation
  • Services provided by MKDP – Details of guidance and publications we provide

Within these classes there is some information which will not be disclosed for one of the following reasons:

  • Disclosure is prevented by law eg information relating to matters of national security; the information is personal or commercially sensitive and is therefore exempt under the Freedom of Information Act
  • The information is in draft form
  • The information is no longer readily available as it is contained in files that have been placed on archive storage or is difficult to access for similar reasons. Limitations may apply as to the length of time certain documents are kept by MKDP. The focus of the schemes is to make current information readily available.

Information Classes:

 Who we are and what we do

Information about the organisation, its history, staff, governance and operation.

  • About MKDP – The history of the organisation and the role it plays in Milton Keynes
  • MKDP Vision and Strategy – The ethos behind MKDP and its future plans
  • MKDP Board – The board members who oversee governance of the organisation
  • MKDP Team – Details about the team in charge of the day-to-day running of the organisation
  • Contact Us – Where you can find MKDP and how to get in touch

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.

  • MKDP Financial Accounts – Previous Annual Accounts containing details about the organisation’s income and expenditure
  • News – Information about current projects
  • Current Site Tenders – Details of land currently being promoted for sale

What our priorities are and how well we do it

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

  • MKDP Vision – The organisation’s strategy and its role in the future development of Milton Keynes and links to Milton Keynes City Council’s (MKCC) strategy for the future development of the city – Council Plan, Plan:MK
  • MKDP Business Plan – The organisation’s strategy for proposed activity as submitted to Milton Keynes Council
  • Commissioning Statement – Milton Keynes City Council’s (MKCC) expectations in creating and owning Milton Keynes Development Partnership

How we make decisions

Policy proposals and decisions. Decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, consultations.

  • Terms of Business – The conditions that define how MKDP operates as an organisation
  • Board Minutes – Minutes from previous meetings

Our Policies and Procedures

Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities. If not listed here the Policy or Procedure will be the same as the one adopted by Milton Keynes City Council.

  • Members Agreement – The contractual agreement between Milton Keynes City Council and MKDP – available on request
  • Code of Practice – Rules of conduct to be followed by MKDP staff and board members – available on request

Lists and Registers

Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the organisation.

  • Board and Senior Management Team Declaration of Interests – Information about board member and senior management interests that could be relevant to their role as a MKDP staff member – available on request

Services provided by MKDP

This section contains details of the advice and guidance, publications and media releases.

  • News – Press releases concerning MKDP’s activities
  • Information for Visitors – Wider information about Milton Keynes from Milton Keynes City Council

The classes of information will not generally include: 

  • Information the disclosure of which is prevented by law, or exempt under the Freedom of Information Act, or is otherwise properly considered to be protected from
  • Information in draft
  • Information that is no longer readily available as it is contained in files that have been placed in archive storage or is difficult to access for similar

Accessing Information

If you cannot find what you are looking for you can make a request for the information that is not published under this scheme.

Your request should be made in writing to the address below and will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

MKDP has adopted Milton Keynes City Council’s Freedom of Information Act processes and

procedures which can be found here.

Information will be provided in the language in which it is held or in such other language that is legally required. Where MKDP is legally required to translate any information, it will do so.

Obligations under disability and discrimination legislation and any other legislation to provide information in other forms and formats will be adhered to when providing information in accordance with this scheme.

The information supplied to you under the FOI or EIR is for your personal use only. This information is the property of MKDP. Should you wish to re-use the information for anything other than personal use (e.g. for profit) you must obtain a licence from MKDP under the Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulations. Please note that in some cases there may be a charge for this licence.


 The purpose of the publication scheme is to make the maximum amount of information readily available at minimum inconvenience and cost to the public. Charges made by MKDP for routinely published material will be justified and transparent and kept to a minimum.

Material which is published and accessed on our website will be provided free of charge.

MKDP is not obliged by virtue of the act to comply with a request for information if the organisation estimates that the cost of complying with the request would exceed the appropriate limit. In this case the appropriate limit refers to costs where the time taken to extract and collate the information exceeds 18 hours or £450.

Charges may be made for actual disbursements incurred such as photocopying, postage and packaging and the costs directly incurred as a result of viewing information. MKDP has adopted the same charging regime as specified by Milton Keynes City Council.

If a charge is to be made, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided. Payment may be requested prior to provision of the information.

Applicants may be expected to meet the postage costs as set out below. The cost of an A4 photocopy or printed sheet will be charged at 10p per sheet, and postage will be based on current Royal Mail First Class delivery costs, which can be found here.

Number of sheets of A4 paper Weight charge Printing and copying
50 250g Up to £5
100 500g Up to £10
200 1Kg Up to £20
400 2Kg Up to £40

Written requests

 Information held by MKDP that is not published under this scheme can be requested in writing, when its provision will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Tel: +44 (0)1908 254321

Milton Keynes Development Partnership LLP, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ.

MKDP follows Milton Keynes City Council’s Freedom of Information process. If after going through the organisation’s formal complaint and appeals system you are still not satisfied, then you may complain directly to the Information Commissioner at the address shown below:

Information Commissioner’s Office,
Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire,
SK9 5AF.