MKDP intends to become operator for Milton Keynes Market

Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) has announced its intention to take over management of Milton Keynes Market in April 2023 from existing operator Bray Associates.

Adam Sciberras, MKDP’s Special Projects Director said: “During 2022 we started looking for potential development partners to define the future of Milton Keynes Market and work with us to create a stronger retail and food destination for Central Milton Keynes, with a more dynamic and modern customer experience.

“Having explored this in great detail, we believe that an in-house team who work in the city and, in the main, live in the area too, is best placed to manage the market and evolve the existing offer. This has the potential to bring great social value and improve what is an essential resource for a significant proportion of Milton Keynes’ residents, particularly those with lower incomes.”

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