Celebrating the first anniversary of MKDP at Milton Keynes Market

In April 2023 MKDP took over operation of Milton Keynes Market, located in the heart of the city.

Building on its 40-year history, our goal was to create a modern and dynamic market that would boost the local economy by drawing traders and shoppers from across the city’s vibrant communities.

Over the past year we have implemented a programme of change to take the market from strength to strength – including modernising its operations, new market stalls and traders, and visual and technical upgrades.

New team, brand, and management software

Our new six-person market team was appointed to oversee day-to-day operations and to ensure we’re building meaningful relationships with shoppers, traders, and neighbours like Centre:MK.

We’ve invested in new branding, a new website, appointed a social media consultant, and introduced new staff uniforms – all of which helps us to spread the word about the market as a destination.

We have successfully transitioned all traders to a new management software system, including digital licenses, electronic payments, and statutory compliance auditing and monitoring.

Investing in people and facilities

Our investment in facilities has included refurbished offices and welfare areas, including new trader toilets, plus a new CCTV system and COSHH cabinets for safety and security.

Across the site we have undertaken electrical work and drainage surveys, followed by significant repairs and maintenance.

We have also invested in staff training including first aid training, ACT Terrorism training, and defibrillator training.

A cleaner, greener market

Across the site we have cut all waste by 50 per cent.

We undertook a deep clean of all walkways and awnings, and brought the new branding to life across the market with painted columns in market colours, branded stall covers, and tables for food traders.

We also introduced new rules to ensure walkways are kept clear and tidy and so that lines of sight are kept open.

What’s planned for the year ahead?

This programme of change is just the start, and we’re excited to continually improve the market so that it remains a vital part of Milton Keynes.

Looking ahead, we will increase electricity supply to enable continued growth, we will install new lighting, and will continue to invest in training for gas and fire safety.

We’re also installing new stalls and will relocate some stalls to improve sight lines from Centre:MK and to provide additional events space.

To find out more about the market and what’s coming up, please visit our website.

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