Hotel La Tour

Hotel La Tour opened its doors on its prominent city-centre site in April 2022.  The owners were keen for it to be sited close to Milton Keynes’ busiest leisure, retail and business facilities and came to MKDP to help find the perfect location. MKDP’s proposed site at Marlborough Gate overlooking Campbell Park offered the optimum solution for Hotel La Tour, the city and MKDP.

Having identified this MKDP land as a potential home for its new hotel Hotel La Tour’s management engaged extensively with the Town Council and carried out intensive stakeholder consultations to ensure that the building that was constructed was suitable and welcome.

In common with many other successful UK cities, Milton Keynes has complicated planning requirements to ensure the city’s integrity is maintained.

MKDP facilitated Hotel La Tour’s journey through the complexities of submitting a planning application that would be passed by taking into account the exceptional requirements that Milton Keynes Council requires for construction in its classical infrastructure areas.

Hotel La Tour’s Managing Director Mark Stuart said: “We knew that Milton Keynes would be an ideal location for an exciting, high-end development offering locals and visitors a unique place to stay, dine and meet. We approached Milton Keynes Development Partnership with our vision and they we’re immediately engaged in how the project could enhance the already growing city of Milton Keynes. The Marlborough Gate site suggested by MKDP overlooking Campbell Park was the perfect fit, offering an unrivalled perspective of the city from new heights. We are delighted with what we have achieved so far and look forward to sharing our story with everyone as it unfolds.”

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