It’s your future – Get involved


  • Milton Keynes is your city.
  • It’s a new place in comparison with most UK cities.
  • Recent surveys and reports say it is one of the best locations for finding a job, for businesses to start up and for being a great place to work.
  • Over the past ten years the number of people who live in Milton Keynes has increased by 17% and it is expected that this figure will continue to grow.


  • MK’s city centre buildings and facilities will need to change as it expands to accommodate more people and companies.
  • We want to hear from people age 11 to 18 to find out what you want Central Milton Keynes to offer.
  • Future: CMK is an exciting competition that will give young people a voice about what will make CMK of the future an attractive place for them to live, work and play in.
  • What does CMK need to have for you and your friends, for your older and younger relatives? You may want to consider the needs for health, education, leisure, work and retirement.

Look at these ideas for future masterplanning from the 2017 World Architecture Festival to see what people are planning around the world to find out what the experts think might be around in the future.


How you present your idea is up to you. Think about your own skills. Are you more of a painter, a technical drawer, a model maker, a digital designer, a writer or something else? We don’t mind how your ideas are given to us.


Your ideas will be reviewed by experts from Milton Keynes and beyond.

There are prizes for the winning entries for different types of entries and ages.

  • Future:CMK Art and Design (2d any medium)  Find out more here
  • Future:CMK Writer (Word or handwritten)  Find out more here
  • Future:CMK Model (digital or 3d)   Find out more here


Why not get inspired by taking a look at existing buildings and facilities. Here are some images from Milton Keynes and here are some interesting ideas from around the world.

Follow us on Instagram at Future:CMK where we’ll be posting more images to inspire you. Please use the hashtag #FutureCMK to tag your thoughts, work and images.

Competition rules are available here

Don’t forget to send a completed form with your entry. Download it here

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